Ruth Buck – Verena Schwab


The works of these two artists conduct an unusual dialogue with each other. Ruth Buck shows two fairly large series, the first of which is called «mountaining in bed» and presents a photographed interplay between duvet and feet in front of a real mountain range, whereas the second consists of paintings on paper made with spray paint as used for cars. These works are contrasted with Verena Schwab’s «Landscapes of Desire». The photographic diptychs show the fluid transition from a human body to tracks in the snow. The series «Germs» that consists of macrophotographic pictures of sprouting plants is the second work of Schwab in this exhibition. Last but not least she presents an oversized elephant she painted onto the big terrace of the gallery, thus returning the animal that crossed the Alps with Hannibal to those very mountains...

Bernhard Bischoff, February 2002